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24/07/2014 - Educate | 21/07/2014 - Welcome! Welcome to askmuftifaisal.com | 21/07/2014 - Learn ” background=”on” spin=”on”] | 20/07/2014 - Gaza………today is a bit different After a 13 days struggle Hamas makes a break through. 13 Israeli soldiers are killed.previously Egypt was trying for ceasefire but in the favor of Israel.which was rejected by Hamas and was a good decision because neither that was the solution nor has any pressure on Israel. we know Palestinians are ... | 16/07/2014 - Courses | 16/07/2014 - Islamic Orientation courses | 16/07/2014 - Seerat datewise | 16/07/2014 - Astronomy in Islam | 16/07/2014 - Fahm e Falkiat | 14/07/2014 - Journalism | 14/07/2014 - Al Sarf | 14/07/2014 - Dars e Nizami | 14/07/2014 - Dars e Nizami | 14/07/2014 - Al Nahw Details of AL Nahw Course: This course is for Boys only. 45min classes will be conducted, 3 times a week. Practice(Ijra) will be carried out from Quran and Hadith data. Fee for single student will be Rs.3000 per month. Admission form | 14/07/2014 - Dora Hadith | 11/07/2014 - Fee Plan for QC | 09/07/2014 - Hifz e Quran Admission open | 09/07/2014 - Nazira e Quran | 09/07/2014 - Noorani Qaida | 09/07/2014 - FAQ`s Can I learn anytime? ofcourse , alhamdulillah we have 100+ teachers. so timefra is not a matter. What is Tajweed and Nazira? The word itself means to improve or make better. Here it means to make better Quran pronunciation. It is fard for all muslims to learn and apply the rules of proper pronunciat ... | 09/07/2014 - Quranic courses | 06/07/2014 - Webinars | 05/07/2014 - Khatm e Quran Alhamdulillah yesterday there was a khatm e Quran. Ulama normally discourage Shabeena type taraweeh because people don’t care the Aadab of listening Quran. But if all cares are observed it is allowed and an easier way to practice a sunnah. But no doubt, offering Taraweeh whole month is itself ... | 30/06/2014 - Terms and Conditions | 27/06/2014 - Kids learning It’s a common problem that kids cannot be taught at home. They show a better response to an outsider as compared to an in-house intellect. So we recommend you kids as teachers. They will teach, entertain and groom your child Insha’Allah. Your kid will also be allowed to participate and share. 1. ... | 26/06/2014 - Know | 26/06/2014 - Pay | 17/02/2014 - Webinars Dear Muslim! Mufti Faisal Ahmed has been an active presenter on Different Islamic topics which can be helpful for individuals and communities. You can ask for special sessions for your family or community like 1. Dars e Quran 2. Dars e Hadith 3. Zakat queries session 4. Haj queries session 5. Moneta ... | 17/02/2014 - Counseling Ask for counseling about Education, carrier planning, vision development, time management, sleep management, social media effects, children and family matters to make suitable decisions in best times. Fill an appointment form and join us at the given time. | 17/02/2014 - Recommendation Recommended Stuff Here is the Audio, video or textual stuff for learning and entertainment purpose. 1. Audio and video lectures by authentic Ulama 2. Islamic PDF books 3. PowerPoint presentations 4. Excel sheets for home budgeting to Zakat calculation 5. Links for important sites 6. Fatawa 7. Web li ... | 17/02/2014 - Webinar | 09/02/2014 - Career Job Description: Required Online Quran Teachers Qari / Qaria, Alim / Alima / Mufti, We offer good compensation and you can work from your home, candidates must be capable of teaching Quran with Tajweed and Good Knowledge of Arabic Language and must have command on Internet / computer usage and shoul ... | 19/01/2014 - Payment Gateways | 14/12/2013 - Dream interpretation | 14/12/2013 - Consultation | 14/12/2013 - Spiritual Healing | 14/12/2013 - Fehm ul Falkiat کورس برائے فلکیات 1) کورس کا تعارف i) مقاصد: وفاق کا امتحان، کسی حد تک فن، عملی مقاصد کی قابلیت ii) نصاب: فہم فلکیات، نوٹس iii) طریقہ تدریس: پریزنٹیشن اور مذاکرہ iv) درکار وسا ... | 13/12/2013 - Recommended books برائے اصلاح وژن: دین و شریعت ،مولانا منظور نعمانی   تفسیر: آسان ترجمہ قرآن یا  معارف القرآن   حدیث: معارف الحدیث   اصلاح عقائد: اصلاح امت اور صراط مستقیم علم ... | 13/11/2013 - Fatwa | 09/11/2013 - Moonsighting Ask Mufti Faisal About Astronomy Know about monthly prediction of lunar month. Calculate Qibla direction and prayer timings according to your location.. | 07/11/2013 - Significance of Muharram but why? [highlight] People think Muharram is considered as a holy month due to Karbala crises, infact its a misconception. [/highlight] The fact is Muharram has been considered as aholy month from early history. [highlight] Thats [/highlight] why it was chosen as the first month of Hijri calender by Hazarat ... | 06/11/2013 - Child naming Naming in alphabetical order [toggle type="white" title="Boy" active=""][/toggle] [toggle type="gray" title="Girl" active=""]Sara[/toggle] | 29/10/2013 - Be a columnist! | 29/10/2013 - Nurturing Children | 29/10/2013 - Practice Islam Practice Islam Ask for Free data for orientation about Islamic practices. Send it to your relatives abroad. Share it with your friends. Spread it on social media. Sunnah ways of Ibaadaat Namaz Fasting Zakat Haj Sunnah ways of Nikah and Talaq Sunnah ways of monetary transactions Sunnah guidance for s ... | 29/10/2013 - Understand Islam Ask for Free data to understand the faiths and fundamental concepts behind the practices of Islam, Specially designed for new and unaware Muslims. Send it to your relatives abroad. Share it with your friends. Spread it on social media. | 29/10/2013 - Astronomy Learn Astronomy to get closer to Allah SWT! | 29/10/2013 - Counseling | 29/10/2013 - Workshops | 28/10/2013 - ask | 28/10/2013 - ABOUT MUFTI FAISAL D.B What Askmuftifaisal.com is designed for ? Askmuftifaisal.com is a personal website of renowned astronomer and Sharia consultant Mufti Faisal Ahmed. The site is designed with an intention of automation of guidance. Insha’Allah with the passage of time you will find here best searchable or self-aut ... | 23/07/2012 - Contact Us | 10/07/2012 - Blog | 06/07/2012 - Audio clips You can add audio anywhere on website [clear] Flexible player Sample Code [three_fourth] [thaudio href='http://url/Sunny-Morning-2.mp3' hide_title='true']Sunny Morning [/thaudio] [/three_fourth] [one_fourth last=last] [thaudio href='http://url/Sunny-Mornin ... | 03/07/2012 - Embeded Video [clear] SAMPLE CODE FOR VIMEO VIDEO You can get your code by clicking “embed” button atop of the video on Vimeo website. <iframe width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0" src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/34783883?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;color=ff9933"></iframe> | 29/06/2012 - Galleries |

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