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13/02/2015 - Dora Classes Dora course will be completed by the end of March insha Allah | 13/02/2015 - Mawaiz Hazrat molana Hakeem Akhtar in English | 13/02/2015 - Download Maktaba Shamela | 13/02/2015 - A book that can answer are false claims against Hazarat Muavia R.A | 03/10/2014 - Be a Columninst course Alhamdulillah, Be a columnist has been completed this sunday. | 27/08/2014 - Haj service SCS is offering free haj training sessions for Haj groups, Communities and Masajid in Karachi and neighboring cities. For remote cities…. Skype session may be arranged. You can set the schedule by calling at +92-3232000247…..Mf Faisal | 12/08/2014 - “Be a columnist” launching “Be a columnist” will be started from 24 Aug. 5 candidates may apply for it. | 11/08/2014 - Islamic Oreintation course A new course for Women is going to be started shortly in the Morning. students can apply within 15 days. | 31/07/2014 - Course Timings Courses may be started on 1st or 15th of Solar calender. however Short courses can be asked anytime. | 21/07/2014 - Welcome! Welcome to |

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